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Jasmine Mendez - 5 clips

Added: 25-10-2016

Clean My Dirty Feet Uncle

More of My Uncle Jorge Slave Training.. I Purposely got my feet super filthy dirty and had my stupid uncle clean it up, he's so weak for my feet its pathetic!


Double Doming it with Astro during AVN

This idiot is a huge fan of mine.. he found me & Astro walking around the convention and begged for a session. I agreed only if he booked both of us at $500 a piece lol . Idiot disappeared and an hour later he had the money like a good little bitch. So we brought him back up to my suite, Deal was the session ended when we got him to cum which as you will see didn't last long at all. We are the biggest brats to him, We wore gloves for our protection. Only letting him smell & kiss our sweaty feet sometimes & pinched his nipples hard he orgasms out of shock, its hilarious and pathetic. Took no effort what so ever, we barely touched him with our gloved hands lol. Then to top it off I encourage him to recycle his cum lol Idiot almost pukes and we run out of scene before it happens lol.


Face Fucked

Double-up of ugh ugh Baby Got Back! Yes made you a quick clip booty Addict! Just finished round 2 of Workout for the day and lucky for you I haven't showered or changed out of my smelly gym clothes .. I want to take that face and shove it you know were, Bow Down and Worship my Sweaty Regal Ass! yes Im in a bratty mood I do and get what I want! FOR Mp4 CLICK Face Fucked!


Sexy News Anchor's Athlete's Foot Funk

Custom: Clip 1 - First 10 minutes (Shot mostly the ankle down, a few face shots to show you're uncomfortable/distracted. Photo included): You greet the audience as the camera goes live, proceeding to read the news as it appears on the teleprompter. But you're suffering under her desk, as all hell is breaking loose between your toes. The itching messes with your concentration less than a minute after filming. She you scratching her toes by wiggling them in her shoes. But the itching doesn't go away and gradually gets worse. You try to relieve herself by discretely unlatching your heels so you can slip her feet in and out of them. You try your best not to let the audience know you're distracted, but you can't help but grimace between words. (2nd minute) The itching continues to worsen, and you remove one foot out of it's shoe to rub it on the toe of her other heel, and the instep of her other foot while wiggling your toes. You alternate with your other foot as well. (3rd minute) You're forced to remove both shoes, and you manically wiggle and scratches her toes on top of each other for relief. It's obvious you're distracted, as your facial expressions illustrate agony, and it's difficult for you to focus on the news story. You reach down under her desk to violently scratch between your toes and on your soles with one of your hands, asking the camera person if they can edit out your scratching. When you find out that's not possible, you quickly alternate draping one leg over your knee to have better access to your feet as she try to relieve the sensation between the toes of her right and left foot by scratching on top and the bottom of your toes with both hands simultaneously. At this point you're visibly and completely distracted. Embarrassingly, you apologizes to the audience for your lack of professionalism, claiming you're having "personal difficulties." In the last 3-4 minutes you forgo decorum and slam both feet on top of her desk wiggling your toes with reckless abandon, and scratching both feet with your hands like she's trying to tear the skin off. Between scratches you sniff your hands and fingers to see if your feet stink because you knows something is wrong with them. The clip ends with you griping about your embarrassment, misfortune, and the possibility of you being fired.


Teaching you something Session #2 / Recommendation Letter HD

The Arrogant bitch Teacher is back as instructed, Now reporting with my letter of recommendation. He is forced to read it out load while being scissor-held in a tight lock and further blackmailed. Poor bitch is going to be doing my homework until i graduate college!


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