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MilkedAndBusted - Cadence and Brook - Co-Workers Foot Secret Blackmail

Added: 01-12-2015

Cadence and Brook work a normal 9-5 together in corporate land. This skinny short weasel at their work place found out they were fetish models. And saw their videos on a tube site, and thought he was slick and could hold it over their head to get "special favors" from them. With threats he would tell the "bosses". Well he is a stupid little weasel, and didn't realize he messed with the wrong bratty btiches. They invited him over thinking he was gonna get some, but instead he got tied up and blackmailed. If he is gonna hold something over them, then they are going to do the same. Cadence takes pictures as they put him in several humiliating foot bitch positions. Showing him what it's like to be a foot bitch like he see's online in their videos. He thought all those guys he saw online were pathetic, and now he is the pathetic one. They threaten to release the pictures if he doesn't go along with what they want. And as humiliating as this is to him, he gives in. He can't imagine how embarrassing it would be to have these pictures get out or how he would explain them. Foot gagged, sniffing feet, licking goes, absolutely humiliating. They leave him there tied up. But then decide he hasn't had enough, put on their old sneaks, do a little exercise,, and then return with stinkier feet. They SMOTHER him with their feet so he can't breathe. All he can smell is the sweat and stink as their feet are just planted right on his face. Another super HOT and Super Bratty blackmail scene from Brook and Cadence. They are quite a pair.

File Name : 678
Format : Windows Media
File Size : 508 MB
Resolution : 854 x 480
Duration : 00:12:32




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