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new 12.06.2015 City Stalker part 8

Added: 15-06-2015

A seedy stalker gets a lot more than he bargained for when he decides to follow Mistress Heather around the city streets. He can't believe his luck at first, when she invites him in, but then the true nature of his predicament becomes very real to him as she decides to teach this pervert a series of lessons over several days of confinement and torment. A FemDom classic.

Format : MPEG-4
File Size : 79.9 MB
Duration : 5min 52s
Video: AVC, 1280x720, 25.000 fps, 1 716 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 96.0 Kbps



Sandra from 28 August 2015 03:26
hi riding messrits ===i am a real Rubber pony girl in girl panties diepers rubber pants on and sneekers on my feet and butt plug horse rubber bitt in my mouth real tight and 4 belts tight and rubber cat ==suit on and half hood lace under my chin and to hide the rubber gag bit and a good rubber full hood on and stretch real good down over the rubber tight bit in my mouth and pull right down to my neck and collard and wey nose 1 inch mouth hole and i am ready to let you right my ass off all day ==no bath room at all if i wet my self it all my falt i can get to the washroom you are use me degrade anf you are not finish riding my slave ass off all day in the hot sun in the farm yeard messrits ===i am will to get my slave beat off and good beatting and i will be real quiet and let the gag bit keep me real quiet ===i will be in pain hurting from the tight rubber that gag my slave ass off ===i will be cry ==ball holler===scream for you and i do not car hoe the gag is hold me quiet ===you dont ever have to tolate in any way of any of my disobedience in any way ===love to let you use me degrade my ass off ====you can use a nice big thick black or red wide rubber spanking strap on my my ass you will have me running fast and it wount mader about the girl panties on dirpers on if they are wet it is going to hurt ever more on me and red my ass off i will be in pain for you messrits ====same as your dog on all 4 hands and knees in a pipe hogetie bar 3 feet long i am ready for a dog chair and keep on my slave dog knees for you messrits for a good ass beatting and ass kicking -i am ready to be force to tong lick every inch of your riding boots real calean soles heels lick clean for you and you can see that it and your riding boots are lick clean for you messrits ====you can have my will== mine==body==soul ==spirit ==owne me in full messrits ====can play real girl reform discipline school for you kneeling up to school desk hand cuffed true a D ring hand cuffed desk bolt to the floor ===bondage wood stock bold to the floor to make sure my feet and ankles are lock in the wood stock ===to keep my slave ass is on my knees and kneeling for you can keep me on my knees 36 hrs at time 12 on my knees ==12 spanking beatting ass kicking ===12 steel in on me knees cry ball like baby hollard scream and real quit helpless and trap self discipline to please you messrits ===i am ready messrits to play this and it not your falt at all i will take all the discipline falt mistres ===i am 5-6 thall 138 lbs areal slave for you messrits train my slave ass off and keep real scared quiet for you to use me degrade me messrits bye slavesuzie

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