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Naughty Dragon Studios - Sophia Stone, Nikki Brooks - Vamp Tramp Demise

Added: 01-10-2016

The wicked predator Sophia Stone has returned to her hotel room from a night out in the clubs...with a hot little number in tow, Nikki Brooks. They get snuggled on the side of the bed when Nikki complains the night of wild dancing has really made her neck sore. Sophia has just the solution.

As she instructs Nikki to disrobe, Sophia gets comfortable on the bed beckoning Nikki to slide in between her legs so she can give her a soothing neck massage. The two coo and moan as Sophia slowly slides her legs around Nikki's torso. Her hands follow around her pretty little neck until Sophia is smothering her with her hand. Nikki begins to struggle with a look of surprise and confusion in her big brown eyes. Sophia whispers in her ear to be still. She WILL have her way with her.

Nikki succumbs and suffers the vice like squeeze of Sophia's powerful legs. She flexes her feet and wiggles her toes as Nikki's flutter and fight. Its no use. Sophia has her just where she wants her. She whispers in Nikki's ear that she is like a praying mantis and is now going to inject her with a poison by BITING HER NECK. Nikki whimpers and cries as Sophia SINKS HER TEETH DEEP into her flesh, depositing the debilitating toxin. The venom is fast acting and it is no time before Nikki's body is limp.

Taking full advantage of her incapacitated prey, Sophia flips Nikki on her back and climbs on top straddling her and pinning her to the bed. Sophia begins to deliver deep, passionate kisses which Nikki can only accept. The two enjoy each others sexuality despite Nikki's terrifying position beneath the the most powerful and evil succubus Sophia Stone.

Sophia nibbles her neck a bit relishing the taste of her skin and the quickened breathing. Now for her final act of sexual domination...Sophia tells Nikki that her clit is growing and will soon penetrate her. Nikki squirms and verifies that she can feel Sophia's hot, sticky clit pushing deep inside her. Sophia whispers again for Nikki to be still so she can feel her. With more passionate kisses, Sophia is now mounted and inside poor Nikki.

Nikki is overcome with sexual pleasure and experiences a massive orgasm. When she is finished, Sophia rolls her on her side, keeping her legs tightly wound around her. She then wraps her arm around her in a choke hold with the other hand on top of her mouth. Nikki is unable to call for help much less barely breath. As she squeezes, Nikki's eyes show her fear knowing the end is near. It is a sweet, sweet demise as Sophia opens her mouth wide and sinks in...



File Name : 11___Sophia&Nikkise
Format: Windows Media
File Size : 439 MB
Duration: 00:14:41
Video: WMV2, 1280 x 720, 29.970 FPS, 3878 kb/s
Audio: WMA, 2 channels, 128 kb/s




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