TheEnglishMansion - Miss Rebekah Dee, Mistress Nikki, Mistress Sidonia - Bang Blow Bitches Part 1

Beautiful Mistresses Sidonia, Nikki and Rebekah are wearing there massive strapon dicks, ready to spitroast and gangbang their cages slave. They release him and are soon thrusting their rubber cocks into his mouth, humiliating him as they throat fuck the starstruck slut. His hole is then fingered and probed in preparation for the big bang, each Mistress using him, cock after cock entering him until he is in submissive slut mode, his prostate getting hammered until he is desperate to cum.


TheEnglishMansion - Miss Zara, Mistress Sidonia - Instructing My Sexbots Part 1-2

Mistress Sidonia is introducing her male and female slaves to her friend Mistress Roberta. The slaves are both locked in cruel chastity devices and caged, awaiting their commands. Mistress orders slaveboy to use the vibrator on slavegirl, buzzing it through the metal belt and causing her to writhe in desire, enough stimulation to get her wet but not to cum. In return the slavegirl is then told to lick and tease the cock cage, the Mistresses laugh as they witness the straining dick protruding through the gaps, his moans of pain delighting them. Mistress then administers the mind wipe aphrodisiac and the slaves become even more aroused and are released from chastity and directed to please each other in an amazing sex show for the Mistresses enjoyment.


TheEnglishMansion - Mistress Sidonia, Sub Suzie - Black 'n' Shiny Sex Toy Part 1-32

Slavegirl is in for a treat, as Mistress Sidonia allows her to use one of her sex toys, a slave encased in tight bondage, with just his cock and mouth free to be used. Sex starved slavegirl wastes no time in taking the cock into her mouth and getting it ready for Mistress. They then both make good use of this human vibrator, taking it in turns to be pleasured by his mouth and always hard cock, making sure they take their pleasure. The human sex toy performs so well, that Mistress Sidonia allows him the very rare treat of a handjob to orgasm, administered by slavegirl.


Cfnmtv - Among Friend Part 1-3
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Cfnmtv - Among Friend Part 1-3

PART 1: As the only man present at the dinner party, Chris already feels a little out of place. But when his wife suggests he model his new underwear in front of her friends it gets even more uncomfortable. Having no regard for his feelings she insists he be stripped right in front of her excited friends!

PART 2: Fiona eagerly yanks off and pulls on Chris's various undergarments - each more revealing than the next. Each time his big thick penis and heavy balls burst out into view - much to the delight of the assembled women. And as the wine flows, the women get more and more demanding of poor Chris.

PART 3: It certainly isn't turning into the sort of evening Chris was expecting! But, always eager to please his wife, he goes along with her games no matter how humiliated they make him feel. Having his arse penetrated by the vibrator is starting to have an effect on him that he would never have predicted and the women lean in closer - waiting for the inevitable results...


Cfnmtv - The exchange student Part 1-7

PART 1: Kian and his aunt Finula are waiting for their guest to arrive. Finula hopes that her nephew will learn something useful from the time spent with a cultured boy from abroad. Little do either of them realise just how big an impact the exchange student is about to have on their lives...

PART 2: It's a very strange dinner party with the exchange student present. There's no getting away from the fact that there is a nude boy carrying on as though nothing were amiss. But as Pierre explains more about the town where he comes from, it all starts to make more sense. Indeed - it sounds like a perfectly reasonable tradition to all the women present.

PART 3: Having the exchange student Pierre to stay is an exciting experience – at least for the women involved. They have never had such free access to a nude boy’s body before and are revelling in the opportunity. For the other men present however it’s a lot more uncomfortable.

PART 4: Pierre is full of good advice on how Aunt Finula and the other women might improve the men’s behaviour. He explains that where he comes from, the women regularly drain the boy’s balls in order to calm them down. He also mentions a competition that sounds just delightful to the women.

PART 5: Now all of the boys are naked in front of the gathered fully-clothed women, they must play traditional games from Pierre’s country. It all feels very strange an unnatural to the uptight English boys, but their foreign guest is more than happy to show them the way…

PART 6: There is a tradition where Pierre comes from - that a group of naked boys should all wank into a glass - with the first one to ejaculate being the winner. It is a test of manliness, strength and stamina. There is no prize for the winner... but the loser must pay a very high price indeed.

PART 7: Kian had hoped that when Pierre left he'd be able to put his embarrassing experiences behind him. Never forgotten, but also never spoken about again. However, his Aunt has enjoyed the visit and the changes in her nephew so much that she is keen to continue the foreign boy's traditions. No matter how shameful it is for poor Kian.


Taylor - Stop Complaining And Get In Chastity

Taylor is trying to convince her loser to go into chastity. He bought her trip to Las Vegas and she wants him locked up while she is gone. Taylor loves humiliating pathetic males. She makes her loser worship her feet while she verbally humiliates him. She spits on the floor and makes him lick it up. She likes it when he swishes her spit around in his mouth and then swallows all the dirt. “You should be in chastity. No girls like you anyway. You should focus on making me happy and stop worrying about t your penis. “ Her loser is utterly humiliated by his 18 year old owner.

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