TheEnglishMansion - Mistress Sidonia - Sidonia's Pet Plaything Part 1-2

Mistress Sidonia is showing off another of her amazing creative bondage playthings. She has made a new pet for herself, arms and legs tied together, eyes covered, helpless and reliant on Mistress' every command. She plays some ingenious games, attaching bells to the pet's nipples and dangling cock and challenging them to move across the room without making any sounds, the punishment a harsh ass whipping. To complete her pet creation a large butt plug tail is inserted in to her new toy's asshole and a humbler to further inhibit the pet's movements.


Cfnmtv - The exchange student Part 1-3

PART 1: Kian and his aunt Finula are waiting for their guest to arrive. Finula hopes that her nephew will learn something useful from the time spent with a cultured boy from abroad. Little do either of them realise just how big an impact the exchange student is about to have on their lives...

PART 2: It's a very strange dinner party with the exchange student present. There's no getting away from the fact that there is a nude boy carrying on as though nothing were amiss. But as Pierre explains more about the town where he comes from, it all starts to make more sense. Indeed - it sounds like a perfectly reasonable tradition to all the women present.

PART 3: Having the exchange student Pierre to stay is an exciting experience – at least for the women involved. They have never had such free access to a nude boy’s body before and are revelling in the opportunity. For the other men present however it’s a lot more uncomfortable.